Jessica Boyington meets the pups at Brandywine Valley SPCA

A nice sunny day was the perfect time to stop by the Brandywine Valley SPCA in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Video Transcript

- Top six animal shelter rescues dogs and cats from across the country. Jessica Boyington introduces us to some of the furry friends in need of forever homes.

JESSICA BOYINGTON: A nice, sunny day was the perfect time to stop by the Brandywine Valley SPCA in Westchester, Pennsylvania. It's one of five locations serving our area as a no kill, open intake cat and dog adoption facility that moves close to 16,000 animals a year. They have an enrichment coordinator who organizes doggie playgroups and socialization drills to help ease the emotional upset that canines feel while in a shelter.

Here he goes. The behavior room is where volunteers and staff work with dogs on basic commands for living in a home. Good girl. And teach them manners too. I love when they all just jump the gun and sit.

Because they're like, I know she's going to ask me that. There are a wide variety of personalities here. You can try out [? Tragi, ?] a chill, six-year-old terrier who loves belly scratches. Can I get here?

Or meet Pepper, a four-year-old high energy terrier who's learning how to be a lady. Were you giving me your paw? Midnight, a six-year-old Chow mix, and Precious, an eight-year-old hound are a bonded pair from Alabama and they are super low energy, southern pups. No, seriously.

They don't like to walk or do tricks, but they love treats and would love to be your couch potatoes. If you want two dogs that'll stand there and not mess up your house. [? Ruger, ?] seven-year-old terrier mix is never seen without a stuffed animal. He really won't walk without one and all of the volunteers come prepared.

I've never seen a dog pick a squeaky toy over a hot dog. Last but certainly not least, they introduce me to the pet of the month, Bernie. A one-year-old ball of energy with a huge personality, a high jump and so much love to give. Look at that face.

To adopt any of these cuties featured here or to meet other available good girls and boys, you can visit any of their five locations Tuesday through Sunday. Hi. Jessica Boyington, Channel 6 Action News.