Jessica Simpson's Family Ski Photos Featured an Avalanche of Intrusive Comments About Her Daughter Birdie's Pacifier

It wasn’t the snowy smiles or top-notch ski suits that people noticed in Jessica Simpson’s new photos from her family vacation (even though they were super cute!). While the fashion designer and singer was enjoying a chilly getaway with her husband Eric Johnson and their kids Maxwell, 10, Ace, 9, and Birdie, 3, mom shamers were showering her with rude, intrusive comments about her youngest daughter’s pacifier usage.

“Winter Wonderland ❄️,” the Open Book author captioned a series of photos from their getaway on Instagram. Among the photos of a happy Birdie in a leopard-print snowsuit, snow angels, and silly family time with Simpson’s sister Ashlee Simpson and others, there was a shot of Simpson and Birdie on the airplane. The toddler was wearing headphones and watching a tablet, with a pacifier in her mouth — and people couldn’t stop spewing their thoughts about it in an avalanche of negativity.

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“Why does she still have a chupie? (Pacifier),” one person wrote. “That’s just a me thing. My kids never took to a pacifier. But you managed to take the bottle away?? Why not the chupie too(pacifier).”

Someone else offered their own (unasked for!) opinion: “She needs to lose that binki.”

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“Ok I am going to be that person…woman take that Pacifier out of your childs mouth….she is way to old for that. Troll away,” another said, seemingly knowing they were going to get “trolled” for saying that. Because why would anyone be mad at you for attacking a mom for no reason (*insert eye-rolling emoji here*).

“To old for the binkie please stop her,” another said, as if they are the expert on 3-year-olds and their pacifier usage.

Another person rudely commented, “I guess when you have your type of $$$ you let the baby/not a baby ruin her teeth with a binky…… seriously momma get that thing out of her mouth!!!!😂😮😂”

Others defended her. One person wrote, “@jessicasimpson Looks like y’all are having so much fun!! Please try to not let the haters get to you. You’re stronger than them. You do you and you live your beautiful life with your beautiful family! Forever a fan!!🙏❤”

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Another said, “I came on the comments to see if there were a bunch of momming and ‘dental experts’ who had to share their thoughts on the pacifier…. Yep! 🤦🏼‍♀️” They continued, “People can’t helps themselves. Like she hasn’t already heard all this. 🙄🙄 Just TRY not to have an opinion on someone else’s choices. Try once a day until you see yourself and how much energy judging takes up in your life.”

It takes exactly zero effort to leave a mom and her parenting choices alone. I don’t know what it is about babies and pacifiers — or toddlers and pacifiers for that matter — that make people so mad. People would pull the pacifier out of my 2-year-old’s son mouth and make him cry, and I could never understand their audacity. “They don’t need that,” was always their logic. “Oh, really Aunt Susan? Well, you don’t need that third glass of wine either, but you don’t see me ripping it out of your mouth!” How have we forgotten that babies are humans, too?

For the record, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that parents discourage the use of a pacifier by age 3. Still, the decision should be between Simpson and her pediatrician, not influenced by internet know-it-alls. Not to mention, she was on a plane! Maybe Birdie was only using it because she was anxious about flying. You don’t know the full story, so you should just stop with the judging.

Motherhood is freaking hard, and we’re all doing the best we can. A little less shame and a lot more support would be nice, OK?

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