JetBlue & American Airlines Northeast Alliance Could "Harm Travelers"

American Airlines and JetBlue’s Northeast Alliance could have the potential to “harm travelers”. That was in the last statement in the closing arguments from the Department of Justice in the case against the Northeast Alliance.

Justice Department Against The NEA

As reported by Reuters, the Justice Department alongside six other states and Washington D.C are against the partnership. The two airlines coordinating flights together could potentially cost customers $700 million extra every year.

Justice Department's Bill Jones

American Airlines
American Airlines

Justice Department lawyer Bill Jones said the American-JetBlue alliance would allow the airline to raise prices since they wouldn’t be competing any longer. With the government working to ensure competition, Jones said the partnership “threatens to do exactly the opposite.”

Lawyer for the Justice Department, Bill Jones states the alliance would allow the airlines to raise prices since they won’t be competing. The government’s job is to ensure competition so customers always have options. The relationship between JetBlue and American Airlines in the Northeast Alliance “threatens to do exactly the opposite.”

American Airlines Lawyer Disagrees

Daniel Wall who is the lawyer for American Airlines disagrees. He says the alliance has made the market “more competitive than they otherwise were.” In the same statement, he also claims that the Justice Department and consumers could file another lawsuit if the alliance proved to be anti-competitive.