Jets bothered by Sam Darnold’s “seeing ghosts” comment making it on air

Josh Alper

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was miked by NFL Films for Monday night’s game against the Patriots, which meant tape was rolling when he said he was “seeing ghosts” late in the first half of a 33-0 loss.

Those comments were splashier than the generic and bland comments that usually wind up making it into broadcasts of NFL games, but that may have been why the powers that be signed off on them in game that was of waning interest given the lopsided score.

Jets head coach Adam Gase was asked on Tuesday about the network’s decision to air them and said he’s never heard anything like that on a broadcast before.

Gase said that airing the “seeing ghosts” comment bothers him and bothers the organization. He added the team will be thinking “really hard” about cooperating with any future requests to have players miked up by networks as a result of what went out on the air Monday night.

The Jets obviously have big issues to deal with offensively, but in-game updates on how those are going will likely be limited in the future.