Jets HC Robert Saleh blocking out NFL trade deadline noise

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Robert Saleh black shirt on the sidelines chest up headset on stoic look
Robert Saleh black shirt on the sidelines chest up headset on stoic look

With the trade deadline looming and the Jets in a clear youth movement, it's not surprising to see some rumors swirling.

But for Robert Saleh, all the focus needs to be on the field - not front offices.

"Just like everyone, you've gotta ignore the noise," Saleh told reporters on Friday. "Focus on the things you got control over. If you, every second you spend focusing on things you have no control over, you're taking away from your ability to dominate the controllables.

"The message is ignore the noise. You can't control what people say, you can't control what people make up, you can't control what agents tweet, but you can control how you operate on a day-to-day basis to put your best foot forward. So when 32 teams see your tape on Sunday, it's the best possible thing you can put out."

Marcus Maye addressed trade rumors on Thursday, but made it clear he wants to stay in New York.

"Yeah of course, I'm here," Maye said. "Every time I'm in this building I'm a hundred percent, every time I'm on the field I'm a hundred percent. I'm going for my guys no matter what. Once I'm here, I'm here."

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