Jets ‘homie hopping’ Zach Wilson scores on social media after exes’ ‘Cougar’ allegation

Seth Wenig/AP
·3 min read

Zach Wilson is making headlines in July and they aren’t about football.

The New York Jets quarterback has been at the center of a salacious social media maelstrom for the past 24 hours after his former girlfriend accused him of cheating on her with his mom’s best friend.

Yes, you read correctly. Whether Abbey Gile’s allegation has any merit is impossible to confirm but she later deleted the post on Instagram.

Washington Commanders receiver Dax Milne, who was previously Wilson’s close friend while they were BYU teammates, posted a couple of romantic pictures embracing Gile on the beach that lit the fuse on the frenzy.

Gile responded to criticism to the post on Instagram from someone accusing her of “homie hopping,” or, for our older readers, dating her ex-boyfriend’s best friend.

Wilson “was sleeping with his mom’s best friend … that’s the real homie hopper,” Gile posted in the response, which she later deleted before deleting her Instagram account.

Milne’s original post is still up. According to reports, Milne, 23, and Wilson recently stopped following each other on social media. Wilson turns 23 on Aug. 3.

The reaction from most on social media, however, has been a slew of memes and eye-winking jokes commending Wilson for the alleged Cougar conquest.

Wilson has yet to comment but he’s being lauded as a “dawg” (the cool kind of dog) by fans and current and former NFL players, including former receiver Chad Johnson, who called Wilson the goat, or “greatest of all time.” Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf replied with a laughing emoji to Johnson’s message with “confirmed.”

The whole soap opera has helped prod an otherwise very dull sports time of year.