Jewelry Collector Unknowingly Buys $33K Necklace For $32

“First of all, I’ve been shopping for a long time and I couldn’t believe that I finally found a piece worth some money,” said Laconda Davies.

Video Transcript

- Nothing short of a thrift store score. A Dallas woman had no idea that her small purchase two years ago was actually worth so much more. Rachel O'Neil with an up close look at the find.

- $32 turned into $33,000 for jewelry collector, Laconda Davies.

LACONDA DAVIES: First of all, I've been shopping for a long time, and I could not believe that I, finally, found a piece that was worth the money.

- Davies has been on the prowl for antique jewelry for over 12 years, never finding anything worth more than a few dollars. But in 2019, she bought this necklace and a bag of jewelry at a shop in Arkansas. Then life happened. Davies put it away and all, but forgotten about it, until this month.

- And I was telling my friend. I was like, this piece is so beautiful. And he was like, well, I mean, you should go get some of that stuff looked at sometimes. I was like, yeah, I am at some point.

- Well, last week, she, finally, did. That's when Davies learned she'd been sitting on a hidden treasure. A necklace by celebrity designer, Donna [? Fork. ?]

- I'm going to get the fourth appraisal. I'm hoping that they go and do the research, because $33,000 was without Donna [? Fork. ?] Now, I want them to really look and see what it's really worth.

- Jewelry appraiser, Jeff Maurer tells me, it'll take hours to authenticate.

JEFF MAURER: It is stamped 750, which indicates that it's 18 karat gold. So I'm going to be doing some testing on that. Also, for the diamonds, I'm going to be running it by a synthetic diamond testing machine.

- While Davies awaits her appraisal, she's already planning how to spend her new fortune.

- I want to buy-- I want to put money down on a home. I want to buy a car. I want to do all kinds of stuff, invest into my business, everything. I've just been needing something, you know? And this is that something.

- Maurer expects to have the final appraisal within the next week. In South Lake, Rachel O'Neil, CBS 11 News.