Jillian Barberie has insurance trouble during chemo treatment — and the internet can relate

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

As if battling breast cancer in itself isn’t difficult enough, Jillian Barberie found herself fighting to get the treatment she needed covered by her insurance plan over the weekend.

Jillian Barberie vented about an insurance snafu during her breast cancer treatment — and her followers could relate. (Photo: Getty Images)

The TV and radio personality, who revealed her diagnosis in November and underwent a double mastectomy soon after, took to social media on Sunday after she “got word that my IV was denied.” She wrote, “Really??? I’m a cancer patient. I’m willing to pay out of pocket for this… I’m in shock! It’s to help me with nausea. I have to work. Mother of two. Single!! Help me.” Barberie, 52, tagged Cedars-Sinai hospital in her post.

The former host of Good Day L.A. went on to share that she paid out of pocket to get the IV therapy she needed — and shared a snap during her treatment.

Barberie later updated her followers that the hospital “worked their magic with insurance and the pharmacy” and the IV was later approved. She said the treatment helps combat her nausea, so now she won’t miss work, as host of a radio show on Los Angeles station KABC.

Barberie getting real about her insurance snafu led her followers to do the same.

Some just wanted to vent about insurance in general.

Others shared their tips for combatting nausea during chemo.

When one person suggested cannabis oil, Barberie said she was already using it and called it a “game changer.”

With her insurance issue resolved, Barberie was back to dealing with the rest of life’s curveballs — like a last-minute phone call to Uber for a Monday morning ride to work.

Barberie, who is also an actress and model, revealed her diagnosis in early November, saying the cancer was found in her right breast but it spread to her lymph node. She said she planned to be “super aggressive and do double mastectomy” and would undergo chemo for the lymph.

She is a mom of two, Ruby, 11, and Rocco, 9, with ex-husband Grant Reynolds.

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