Jim Carrey calls Ted Cruz 'greasy' and 'shameless' in feud over actor's abortion painting

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

You won’t find Jim Carrey’s art on Ted Cruz’s walls — even though he’s been the subject of a few pieces.

The actor and the politician are in a public war of words over the Kidding star’s recent painting depicting Alabama Governor Kay Ivey being aborted. Ivey signed into law the state’s extreme and unpopular near-total abortion ban, which makes no exceptions for victims of rape and incest. (Even President Trump distanced himself from the law.)

Carrey’s shocking portrait showed Ivey being sucked up by a gloved hand along with the protest message: “If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama.”

There was a lot of conservative criticism over the painting — and calls for Carrey’s Twitter account to be suspended — and Cruz was among those who spoke out about it. He wrote that it was “not OK.” He called Carrey and the Left “vicious, angry & consumed by hate.” He ended his post with a comment about how every human life should be respected. Cruz later retweeted some stories about how he spoke out against Carrey.

Cruz’s comments sent Carrey back to his canvas and he posted a close-up image of Cruz's face with this message written over it: "Some greasy Joe McCarthy wanna-be, who is shameless and will remain nameless, was lecturing me in the press about morality and civility after spending years in the Senate defending the rights of mass murderers to own AR-15s with which they massacre innocent children in their classrooms. I thought I must be dreaming, but I haven't woken up yet. I guess this hypocrisy is the new American Dream."

Carrey’s fans applauded his efforts.

This isn’t the first time the men exchanged barbs online. When Cruz was running for re-election in a campaign against Beto O'Rourke last year, Carrey did a painting depicting Cruz as a vampire. Cruz struck back on Twitter and there was more back-and-forth over it.

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