Jim Carrey Slaps Roger Stone With A Cartoon Warning For The Kids

Jim Carrey used Friday’s conviction of longtime Republican strategist Roger Stone to send a warning message to children.

“Hey Kids... Don’t Be Like ‘Roger The Artless Dodger,’” the actor-turned-artist wrote on his cartoon depiction of President Donald Trump’s former associate.

“Choose Your Heroes Wisely!” Carrey added in an apparent reference to Stone’s admiration for disgraced former President Richard Nixon.

Stone has a tattoo of the late president on his back.

Stone was on Friday found guilty on seven charges relating to lying to congressional investigators examining Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. He will be sentenced in February 2020.

Carrey often uses his art to poke fun at and criticize Trump, his allies and his administration.

Earlier this week, he attacked the president with this Veterans’ Day piece:

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