Jim Carrey on Trump Ignoring California Wildfires: ‘This Is Manslaughter’

Zack Sharf

Jim Carrey shared his most critical opinion of Donald Trump in a recent social media post about the president’s response to the California wildfires. As of November 15, CBS News reports that the Camp Fire in Northern California has killed 56 people, while CNN’s latest update on November 16 confirms there are more than 600 people missing because of the fire. Carrey said Trump’s ignorance over the wildfire is comparable to manslaughter.

“As the California death toll rises our Sadist-in-Chief is spending $220 million to send troops to the border for nothing,” Carrey wrote on Twitter. “That’s one way to get rid of Democrats. This is no longer politics. This is manslaughter.”

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Carrey’s comment was accompanied by a gruesome painting of a burned corpse lying in the rubble of the wildfire. The actor not only criticized Trump’s refusal to take the wildfires seriously but also the president’s continued efforts at the U.S.-Mexico border. The $220 million cost for border deployment was reported by CNBC, which also said Trump is prepared to send as many as 15,000 troops to the border.

Trump has been the target of Carrey’s political artworks for months now. The actor, who most recently starred in the Showtime comedy series “Kidding,” commented on his paintings at the Television Critics Association over the summer.

“It’s not a choice for me to do cartoons,” Carrey said. “I can’t just watch this nightmare unfold, I have to do something artistic. [Trump] probably loves them on some level. I’m sure it’s insulting and I’m sure it’s pissed him off, but at the same time, we’re dealing with a narcissist. It’s not always a straight shot. You could do something that’s really horrible to him but because he’s getting a lot of attention, horrible is all right to him.”

Carrey’s “Kidding” has been renewed for a second season. Check out the actor’s latest work in the post below.






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