Jim Parsons reveals why he turned down doing more Big Bang

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Today is the day that The Big Bang Theoryairs its final ever episode in the United States, bringing to an end 12 seasons and over 200 episodes of stories.

The writers and producers were keen to do more (and we're sure the networks definitely wanted more), but it was Sheldon Cooper actor Jim Parsons who said he thought it was time to wrap it up.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the star said: "It was the first time in my life of doing this show that it occurred to me that I might want to not do another contract after [season] 12 was up.

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"I don't know if it's because I'm an Aries or just because maybe I'm in touch with myself. Whatever it is, once I had that thought, I was like, 'Well, that's your answer.'

"There was no factor; there was no situation that I was like, 'Well, I've had enough of that.' No. There was nothing like that. It was just… when you know, you know. And you're susceptible and thrown around by the whims of your own existence and getting to a certain age and your life changes and suddenly you just think different."


Elsewhere in the interview, Parsons said that "It has been fascinating to think about who I was 12 years ago... you're not the same person you were."

We don't know exactly how Jim has changed after playing Sheldon for so long, but we reckon his niche pop culture knowledge has expanded vastly.

Spin-off Young Sheldonis still continuing, while a second spin-off was being discussed, but was ultimately scrapped.

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The Big Bang Theory's final season airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access in the US. E4 airs the show in the UK.

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