Jimmy Fallon Hits The Giulianis With A One-Two Punch On 'The Tonight Show'

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Jimmy Fallon went after both Rudy Giuliani and his son Andrew in a back-to-back roast on “The Tonight Show.”

Fallon, during his Wednesday monologue, discussed a Staten Island grocery store employee’s back slap of the former New York City mayor on Sunday.

Rudy was in the store to campaign for Andrew, who eventually lost a GOP primary bid in New York’s gubernatorial race on Tuesday, when an employee hit him in the back and called him a “scumbag.”

The employee was later arrested and Rudy said he felt like he could’ve “hit the ground” and cracked his skull.

Fallon joked that Andrew lost the race because of his “biggest weakness, name recognition.”

“It was a tough night for Andrew, he gave his dad a big hug and then Rudy accused him of assault.”

You can watch Fallon’s monologue from Wednesday below.

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