Jimmy Fallon's rendition of a Tony Bennett classic wins raves on 'The Voice'

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Jimmy Fallon may have left his heart in San Francisco, but his talent was on “The Voice” for all to see.

The “Tonight Show” host performed Tony Bennett’s classic hit “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” during the Nov. 20 episode of the NBC singing competition.

Fallon was seated in the studio audience and interrupted the host of "The Voice," TODAY's own Carson Daly, as he tried to speak.

“Is this the part of the show where you take questions from the audience? I have a couple few questions for everybody,” said Fallon, who was disguised in a gray beard and sunglasses.

“I wanted to know if the winner of this show get to go on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ because that’s a quality program,” he continued. “He’s a good guy. He’s a good guy. I think that would just be great for the winner. It’d be a treat for the winner if they could go to New York City.”

Fallon then shifted gears by asking about one of “The Voice’s” most recognizable stars, who’s no longer with the show.

The Voice - Season 24 (Tyler Golden / NBC)
The Voice - Season 24 (Tyler Golden / NBC)

“What time does Blake (Shelton) get here?” he asked.

“Well, we should ask Gwen, his wife. Blake hasn’t been on this season,” Carson said, alluding to how Shelton left the show after last season.

“Never, it looks like,” she joked, while looking at her wrist as if she was checking the time.

Fallon then made as if he was going to leave the set before heading onto the stage to belt out “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” a Tony Bennett classic. While he sang, he playfully walked over to each of the coaches’ chairs before going back onto the stage and emphatically finishing his performance while getting a standing ovation.

The Voice - Season 24 (Tyler Golden / NBC)
The Voice - Season 24 (Tyler Golden / NBC)

“He sounded so good. I would totally turn my chair for him, honestly,” John Legend said after Fallon left the stage. Fellow coaches Niall Horan and Stefani echoed the sentiment, while Reba McEntire shook her head no.

“I was a little emotional. We just lost Tony Bennett and that was one of his songs and I was a little emotional hearing that version,” Legend said. “And I know Jimmy was trying to be funny, but he sounded really good.”

Fallon, of course, has been down this road before. Last season, he performed Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near)” during the blind audition, prompting some strong reactions from the coaches, particularly Shelton.

“I was like, I know what’s going on, no way I’m hitting my button,” he said.

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