Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down How Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase Screwed Trump


The conventional wisdom has held that Elon Musk buying Twitter in the name of “free speech” will ultimately be a good thing for Donald Trump. But Jimmy Kimmel had a different take Tuesday night.

“Now that Elon Musk is buying Twitter, Trump finds himself in a very Trumpy situation because he raised more than a billion dollars to start this promising new right-wing media platform that looks exactly like Twitter,” the late-night host explained. “But now that he probably won’t be banned from Twitter anymore because Elon owns it, he’s kind of stuck.”

Kimmel described Truth Social as “such a disaster” that Trump “hasn’t even posted on it for 11 weeks.” And while Trump has said he won’t return to Twitter even if Musk lifts his lifetime ban, the host predicted, “he 100 percent will go back on Twitter and then this dumb new company he conned everybody out of their money for will become, I guess, the social media equivalent of a Radio Shack.”

From there, Kimmel moved on to Truth Social’s beleaguered CEO, former Congressman Devin Nunes, who bragged about getting more “engagement” than both Twitter and Instagram during a recent appearance on Fox & Friends.

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Yeah, ‘engagement’ means the four people who are on it have been liking each other’s posts,” Kimmel joked, before noting that Nunes is doing such a bad job that “even the apple polishers at Fox and Friends are complaining about it.”

After revealing that Fox host Steve Doocy can’t get off the site’s “waitlist,” Kimmel said he expects Nunes will be “back stacking buckets on Daddy’s farm” by next week.

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