Jimmy Kimmel mocks 'Trumpy Bear' advert in new sketch taking aim at US president

Jimmy Kimmel has taken aim at one of the most bizarre products to be advertised on US TV this year.

The "Trumpy Bear" is a plush modelled after Donald Trump, complete with a lengthy red tie, a straw-like comb-over, and a tiny, puckered mouth. It comes with an American flag blanket that is hidden in a cavern in the bear's neck, accessible through a convenient zipper. It also happens to be made in China.

The bear currently retails for two payments of $19.95 and claims to be "a piece of American history", complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Its accompanying ad, which has run on Fox News, opens with the words: "The wind whispered... through the forest. A storm is coming... you cannot defeat the storm. From the trees... rose a resounding voice. I fear nothing. I come when the trumpet sounds. I am the storm."

Kimmel decided to spoof the bizarre clip by making his own additions, with the bear being ironically praised by a child torn away from her mother at the border and a black man suffering discriminatory police stops.

The sketch further introduced some new surprises hidden in Trumpy Bear's neck hole: a framed photo of Vladimir Putin, a half-eaten cheeseburger, tanning goggles, a six-piece KFC meal, a dead baby duck, and a fully loaded assault rifle.

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