Jimmy Kimmel Unloads on Donald Trump Jr. for ‘Smearing’ Alexander Vindman

Matt Wilstein

Jimmy Kimmel said Tuesday night that the way Republicans treated impeachment hearing witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was “embarrassing even for them.” 

“They tried to smear the recipient of a Purple Heart,” the late-night host said, “to protect a president who doesn’t even have a red one.” 

Kimmel first zeroed in on Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, who not only “implied that Vindman was a leaker” but also that he had “questionable judgement.” He then added, “You know, questionable judgement, like say if you were a wrestling coach and the team doctor was abusing your wrestlers. And you knew about it but you didn’t say anything. That’s questionable judgement, right, Jim Jordan?”

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But as always, Kimmel saved his sickest burns for “the president’s third favorite son.” 

During the hearing, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “Anyone listening to Vindman stammer through this seemingly trying to remember the Catch Phrases he was well coached on should get that. He’s a low level partisan bureaucrat and nothing more.” 

“That’s right, the slicked-back sperm sample who never served anybody is questioning the integrity of a lieutenant colonel with a Purple Heart,” Kimmel shot back. “Daddy Bone Spurs must be very proud of him.” 

“But that’s their strategy,” he continued, turning more serious than usual. “The goal of the Republicans is to smear them, to confuse us, to bore us, to question the loyalty and patriotism of lifelong civil servants and even members of our military, who’ve served heroically. They are intentionally damaging these Americans to protect the lowlife they know is a lowlife, but they also know that defending him makes them popular amongst a certain group. So they do it anyway.” 

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