JJ Watt Owns Being A 'Wimp' In Bathroom Snake Encounter

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JJ Watt, the NFL’s three-time Defensive Player of the Year, doesn’t seem to fear anything on the football field.

But a snake in his house? The man is a wuss. (Watch the clip below.)

The Arizona Cardinals defensive end hilariously recounted his bathroom encounter over the weekend with a reptile he thought was a baby rattlesnake.

He asked the internet what to do. The internet hilariouslytoldhim.

Then he detailed the outcome in a video posted on Saturday from his Arizona home.

Watt, who grew up in Wisconsin, said he is “not a big fan of snakes” and was warned of rattlers and scorpions when he moved to Arizona last season to play with the Cardinals after nine years with the Houston Texans. So he was alarmed when he spotted the snake curled up near him.

“I call this guy, and he comes out to the house, takes a look at it, and he just picks it up with his bare hands,” Watt said. “And he goes, ‘Ah, that’s not a rattlesnake. It’s a long-nosed snake — completely harmless.’ And then he left. So, if you ever want to feel like a wimp, that’s a way to do it.”

Former “X Factor” star Rylan Clark knows just how you feel, JJ.

And if both of you need further freaking out, here’s a real snake with robot legs.

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