JLR to test prototype hydrogen Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is shifting up a gear with its zero emission goals.

It's to begin tests later this year on a hydrogen fuel-cell prototype model.

And it will be based on its iconic Land Rover Defender vehicle.

Owned by India's Tata Motors, JLR earlier this year said that its luxury Jaguar brand would be entirely electric by 2025.

And the more rugged Land Rover brand will launch six pure electric models over the next five years.

Most of the auto industry is focussing on developing battery-electric cars to meet tightening emission standards in Europe and China.

But JLR is one of a small number of carmakers that sees possibilities for the mass adoption of hydrogen fuel cells.

They emit only water as they produce electricity.

Hydrogen fuel cells also provide greater range than battery-electric cars.

But there is little fuelling infrastructure currently in place to support mass adoption of the technology.

That's not stopping others working on it though.

German carmaker BMW plans a limited-series hydrogen fuel cell model SUV in 2022.

While Japanese carmakers Toyota and Honda, as well as South Korea's Hyundai, are also developing fuel-cell models.