Job Fair Alert: North Carolina Zoo welcomes animal lovers to learn about employment opportunities

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The North Carolina Zoo will host a job fair for animal lovers interested in employment opportunities on Saturday, Feb. 5.
The North Carolina Zoo will host a job fair for animal lovers interested in employment opportunities on Saturday, Feb. 5.

In December, the North Carolina Zoo had a record attendance of 43,145 people. Due to the weather, January has seen fewer visitors. With expectations of even more visitors as the seasons change, they are holding another job fair to fill empty positions around the zoo.

Back in July, staffing issues prevented the zoo from opening all of its exhibits. Zoo officials said they were having difficulty finding applicants. The last job fair hosted brought in 20 people for dozens of open positions.

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On Saturday, Feb. 5, the zoo will have representatives available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to answer questions about different departments including:

  • Admissions

  • Education

  • Entertainment (Attractions)

  • Rangers (Security)

  • Services (Housekeeping)

  • Dining Services

  • Membership Services

  • Retail

  • Transportation

Public Relations Officer Deborah Fuchs said there have been times the zoo couldn't open certain attractions due to staffing shortage but overall operations have not been impacted.

If exhibits were closed, it was for renovation, maintenance or the passing of an animal such as Tommo the grizzly bear. Currently, the baboon exhibit is closed due to renovations.

"Certain attractions and restaurants are only open during high seasons of April through October. If we need to, we prioritize operations," Fuchs said. "We’ll open and staff key areas such as the larger restaurants and larger gift shops while keeping others closed. We try and do this as seamlessly as possible, so it doesn’t impact our guests’ visits."

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The zoo is looking for people who love animals and the outdoors. They are hiring in food service, transportation, admissions, rangers and many other positions. For more information, visit

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