Job Fair Held At Miami Dade College

A job fair was held Friday at Miami Dade College where more than 40 companies participated.

Video Transcript

- One year into the pandemic, so many people in South Florida are still struggling to make ends meet in this depressed job market. But things may be starting to look up. Miami Dade College held a job fair today with more than 40 South Florida companies looking to hire.

MARIA ELVIRA SALAZAR: The American dream is to have economic promise and to be able to do and work in whatever they want to work in and have the knowledge and the ability to study and to learn that, and then to make good money by doing that, and not receiving any help from anybody, including the government. So this is the dream come true. This is just the first of many that we're going to be putting together.

- And like you just heard there, Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar said this is the first of many job fairs she plans to organize in her district.