‘I have a job to do;’ Winter weather doesn’t stop local USPS mail carrier

For some, their jobs have them outside in the elements.

News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis spent the day with mail carriers to see how they deal with below-freezing temperatures.

DaSean Johnson has worked for the United States Postal Service for more than a decade.

“I came in the winter of 2012, so I came into the snow and I’ve survived and here we snow again. I mean that’s Dayton for you,” Johnson said.

He said he regularly walks 12 miles a day when delivering mail.

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“I put miles on these feet,” Johnson said.

During this time of year, it’s all about layering up.

“I might not look like it but I’m layered up. I got quite a few layers: gloves, of course, head covered, got to cover my ears. It comes with living in Ohio,” he said.

But Johnson said it’s also important to have a good mindset.

“I know I have a job to do whether it’s ice on the ground or snow, it can be raining. Last week it rained from start to finish, it depends,” Johnson said. “But customers depend on our service and we’re here to do a job and I do it to the best of my ability.”

He admits he does prefer the spring.

“Once you last on season in this winter, then you’ll be okay to do it again,” Johnson said.

The USPS said to check their website for any potential service disruptions because of the weather.