Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 – and it won't end well this time either

Arwa Mahdawi
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    “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see ya.”
    Biden meant to recognize Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham during a campaign rally in 2008, inviting Graham to stand up. Graham is in a wheelchair. Biden earned kudos for his deft recovery. He immediately realized his gaffe, and implored the crowd, “Stand up for Chuck!” As the crowd applauded, Biden walked over and greeted Graham, telling him, “You can tell I’m new.”
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    Biden is a my turn candidate. the list is long for both parties, John McCain, Bob Dole, Al Gore, Hillary, Mitt Romney, and Walter Mondale. All were politicians that had been around a long time, they also all lost.
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    As a Trump guy, I hope he is the Democrat nominee. Please please.....
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    yeah and here's the latest on his appreance on the view he repeated the mantra of hillary clinton and also obama when he was asked in 2012 there wasn't a hint of scandal, and if biden were the nominee oh trump people would love it as they could bring up all the scandals that happened during obama including uranium one
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    Joe Biden reminds me of Walter Mondale, nice guy but not presidential timber.
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    All the reasons people voted for Trump still exist. The political elite of BOTH parties is not representing the average working American. It is even worse now that the democrat party has moved even further toward socialism, communism, and Marxism. More and more of the electorate are waking up from their deep sleep about that. And they are understanding that if the democrat party is given any more power (even if you think your region's candidate is a "good" democrat) more and more personal freedoms will be lost with one of the biggest being able to keep a substantial amount of what you earn. The democrat party of fifty years ago which might have deserved at least some respect, is long gone.
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    Biden is 2020's version of Hillary: a career bureaucrat with lots of experience, lots of emotional speeches, and no accomplishments.
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    Adverse Yaw
    Obama already fundamentally altered the character of this nation, so you don't have to worry about that "Hands On" Joe. And just like Hillary, not only are you going to be the liberal press's golden boy, but they will announce that you are ahead in the polls and are going to win days before the election.
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    Yes the MSM is going to inflate Biden and give us 4 more years of Trump. The Democrat Party is and always will work as a mob-arm. At least the Republican Party (or conservative america) was brave enough to vote someone that did not have to owe favors to anyone once elected.
    People will look back and realize a 3rd party could have been created and actually stood a chance of winning.
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    If Biden is the Nominee it's going to be Trump all the way! Let's keep making America Great!