Biden unveils new nickname for Trump fans as he replies to heckler: ‘Everyone is entitled to be an idiot’

President Joe Biden quipped that a heckler was “entitled to be a idiot” when he was interrupted during a speech on Monday.

Mr Biden was giving remarks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to mark the Labor Day public holiday, where he used the nickname “Trumpies” to describe followers of his predecessor.

As he addressed the crowd at LaborFest — a family-focused event themed on the labour union promise to “organise for the future — a man could be heard shouting from the crowd.

Reporters say that the man was seated near the stage, but it was unclear what he was yelling.

The heckler was quickly removed by security, while this was being done, Mr Biden encouraged security to let him go.

“Let him go. Everyone is entitled to be an idiot,” the president said, drawing laughter and cheers from the crowd.

He later appeared to reference the critic and other Trump supporters as he said: “The biggest contrast from what MAGA Republicans, the extreme right...the Trumpies...these MAGA Republicans in Congress are coming for your Social Security as well.”

The bleachers at the venue were nearly full when President Biden took the stage just before 12.30pm. Rows of attendees also stood behind the bleachers.

A heckler in the crowd as President Joe Biden speaks during an event at Henry Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, 5 September 2022 (AP)

The crowd stood and cheered loudly as Mr Biden began his remarks and at several points throughout his speech.

Many raised their cell phones to take photos and videos of the speech. Some waved American flags and the president waded through the crowds greeting people after he finished speaking.

President Biden was introduced by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, a Democrat, and by Laborers Local 113 member Eduardo Marquez.

A man who heckled US President Joe Biden as he spoke is removed (AFP via Getty Images)

“We have a president who understands the challenges facing families and is willing to work with us to find common sense solutions,” Mr Evers said of the president.

Mr Marquez commented on the bipartisan infrastructure law passed under President Biden “that will create so many jobs for labourers to repair our bridges, water systems, and many other things.”

President Joe Biden wades through the crowd after speaking at the Labor Day event in Milwaukee (AP)

President Biden’s remarks focused on his administration’s work to create middle-class jobs. At several points, he made comments critical of “ultra-Maga” Republicans.

“We remain in the battle for the soul of America,” Mr Biden said, echoing his speech last week in Philadelphia, at which he also defended the rights of protesters assembled nearby and audible during his remarks.