Joe Biden speaks with family of critically injured NFL player Damar Hamlin

Joe Biden says that he has spoken with the parents of stricken Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin who is recovering in hospital following his on-field cardiac arrest earlier this week.

The US president told reporters as he arrived back at the White House from Kentucky that he had spoken with Hamlin’s mother and father “at length” as their son remains in critical condition.

The 24-year-old Buffalo Bills player is being treated at a Cincinnati hospital after he made a hit on a Cincinnati Bengals player and collapsed during the game on Monday night.

Mr Biden was also asked during his trip if he thought professional football was too dangerous.

“Look, the idea that you’re gonna have, look you’ve got guys that are 6’8”, 340 pounds running a 4.8 40 ... If you hit somebody with that kinda ... now that’s not what happened here ... but I just think it’s, I don’t know how you avoid it,” Mr Biden said.