Joe Biden, for a stronger, more dynamic economy that works for everyone | Opinion

L. Felice Gorordo and Miguel B. “Mike” Fernandez
·3 min read

As business and economic leaders who reflect the diversity of Florida, we are proud to endorse Joe Biden for president to ensure the future of free enterprise, grow the economy and build our country back better. Biden believes that free enterprise is the bedrock principle of the American economy.

Our country’s entrepreneurs and small-business owners design and create new products and services that improve our quality of life, create jobs, and drive our country forward. Government plays an important role in creating the conditions for our dynamic economy by investing in shared infrastructure, like roads and clean water, keeping the playing field level for everyone and protecting consumers.

But ultimately, it is the grit and hustle of individuals that move the economy forward. A vote for Biden is a vote for a stronger, more dynamic economy that works for everyone. Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus is not only a public-health disaster but a disaster for businesses large and small and our workers. Across the state of Florida, small businesses are shuttering every day, with more economic pain ahead and no end in sight.

On Day 1, Biden will regain control of the public-health situation and relaunch our economy through his Build Back Better agenda. As president, Biden will help Hispanic-owned small businesses in Florida pay off their COVID-19-related debts, access grants and loans to re-open and grow, and find opportunities to win contracts from local, state and federal government.

Small businesses and small business owners — and their many employees — are at the heart of Joe Biden’s vision for a stronger America. That’s why we need him as the next president of the United States.

L. Felice Gorordo, CEO, eMerge Americas

Miguel B. “Mike” Fernandez, CEO, MBF Healthcare Partners

Adriana Cisneros, CEO, Cisneros

Carlos Saladrigas, chairman, Carpe Momentum, Inc.

Paul L. Cejas, CEO, PLC Investments Inc.

Santiago D. Morales, CEO, Maxiforce. Inc.

Carmen Castillo, president & CEO, SDI International Corp.

Sergio Pino, CEO, Century Homebuilders Group

Manuel D. Medina, founder & managing partner, Medina Capital

Melissa Medina, president, eMerge Americas

Jorge Perez, founder, chairman, & CEO, The Related Group

Joe Arriola, retired chairman, Public Health Trust, Jackson Memorial Hospital

Eddy Arriola, chairman & CEO, Apollo Bank

Tony Jimenez, managing director, Medina Capital

Pilar Guzman Zavala, CEO, Halfmoon Empanadas

Freddy Balsera, CEO, Balsera Communications

Ivan Nieves, owner, LASOCIAL LLC

Victor Maruri, managing partner, HCP Management Company, LLC

Mario Cartaya, CEO, Cartaya and Associates Architects PA

Carlos Carbonell, CEO, Echo Interaction Group

Carmen Perez-Carlton, owner, De la Parte III, LLC

Gonzalo Valdes-Fauli, retired vice-chairman, Barclays Capital

Conchie Fernandez-Craig, owner, LatinaEmprende

Patricio Hernandez, owner, C&H Market Insights

Lourdes Martin-Rosa, President, Government Business Solutions

Mike Valdes-Fauli, president & CEO, PINTA

Luisa Santos, Founder & CEO, Lulu’s LLC

Cristina Mas, Owner, CIM Consulting LLC

Roland Sanchez-Medina Jr., chairman, SMGQ Law

Ralph Patino, CEO, Patino Partners

Ana Rivera, president, PR Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

Elio Muller, president, Muller Group International

Louis C. “Lou” Bial, managing partner, Rand Industries LLC

Laura, Maydon, co-founder, investor, advisor

Danet Linares, Realtor