I jog to Costco almost every day and only buy what I can carry. Here are 12 things I usually pick up.

  • I'm a new mom who jogs to Costco as part of my workout routine.

  • I only buy what I can carry,  including Kirkland muffins and ground beef.

  • I also pick up King's Hawaiian rolls, Sabatasso's pizza singles, and Kirkland salmon.

To stay sane during the toughest parts of 2020, I took up jogging and found a Costco nearby that I could run to.

I wasn't a member at the time because I didn't think bulk shopping would make sense for just my husband, our baby, and me.

But I was surprised to find that shopping at Costco saved us money and added variety to our meals.

As a New Yorker who walks everywhere, I only purchase items I can carry home. And, as a new mom, jogging to Costco has helped me get back into a workout routine.

Here are 12 great Costco items that fit in my reusable grocery bags.

Sabatasso’s pizza singles are nice to have around.

A box of Sabatasso's pizza singles: six pepperoni and six four cheese.
I always have Sabatasso's pizza singles in the freezer.Michelle Maves

I always have several Sabatasso's pizza singles stored in my freezer. They're simple to make in the air fryer and are ready in just a few minutes.

These taste much better than most frozen pizzas I've tried and store easily when I take them out of the box.

Kirkland milk is worth carrying home.

Gallons of low-fat Kirkland milk in a box.
Though it's heavier to carry, buying milk at Costco is worth it.Michelle Maves

A gallon of Kirkland milk is one of the heavier purchases I make, but it usually lasts a long time, and the price is too good to turn down.

As a bonus, I get some weight training on the journey back to my apartment.

Kirkland Signature ravioli lasagna is a quick, tasty meal.

Containers of premade Kirkland ravioli lasagna.
Kirkland Signature ravioli lasagna comes with a beef-and-pork-Bolognese sauce.Michelle Maves

I love the Kirkland Signature ravioli lasagna, which is topped with a beef-and-pork Bolognese sauce.

It's delicious and has such simple directions that anyone can put it in the oven and take credit for a great dinner.

King's Hawaiian rolls are a versatile buy.

A display of twin packs of King's Hawaiian rolls on display at Costco.
I make garlic bread using King's Hawaiian rolls.Michelle Maves

King's Hawaiian rolls are great as a side with butter and honey. They can also work as an appetizer alongside some spinach dip.

I also enjoy making garlic rolls using chopped garlic, butter, and mozzarella.

I love the Alpine Fresh Brussels sprouts.

Bags of Alpine Fresh Brussels sprouts on display at Costco.
I use Alpine Fresh Brussels sprouts to make several meals. Michelle Maves

Several years ago, I tried Brussels sprouts for the first time when I mistakenly received a bag in my grocery order.

It was then that I realized just how misunderstood the vegetable is. Now, I always try to grab a bag of Alpine Fresh Brussels sprouts at Costco.

A bag costs about $6 at my local store and lasts me several meals.

My husband and I love Costco's muffins.

Packages of different flavors of muffins on display at Costco
Costco requires shoppers to buy two packs of muffins.Michelle Maves

My local Costco requires shoppers to buy two packages of muffins for $10.

This seems like a lot of muffins for two people, but it makes sense for us. We like to mix and match flavors and freeze the muffins we don't eat right away.

My husband enjoys the chocolate muffins, and I love the pumpkin-streusel muffins when they're in season.

I make multiple meals with large cuts of Kirkland Signature salmon.

Packages of salmon on display at Costco.
I cook the salmon on my Ninja grill. Michelle Maves

When I buy salmon at Costco, I like to cut it into smaller pieces and freeze what I won't be cooking right away.

When I cook the salmon on my Ninja grill, it's done in minutes with minimal prep.

Crazy Cuizine's Mandarin-orange chicken is my favorite meal in the frozen-food section.

Boxes of Crazy Cuizine Mandarin-orange chicken on display at Costco.
I keep the Crazy Cuizine Mandarin-orange chicken in my freezer for a quick meal.Michelle Maves

Mandarin-orange chicken is ideal for evenings when I work late and need a quick dinner.

I preheat the oven, toss in the chicken, mix it with the sauce, and have a great-tasting meal ready in less than 30 minutes.

Costco has a great variety of soups to choose from.

Six varieties of soup on display at Costco.
I especially enjoy the Panera Bread soups.Michelle Maves

I love a hot bowl of soup for lunch, and Costco has a great selection.

I especially enjoy the Panera Bread soups in the autumn-squash, broccoli-cheddar, and chicken-tortilla flavors.

Epicurean Specialty truffle seasoning is delicious and easy to carry.

Bottles of Epicurean Specialty truffle, Parmesan, and black-garlic seasoning on display at Costco.
The Epicurean Specialty truffle seasoning is one of my favorite items at Costco.Michelle Maves

Epicurean Specialty truffle seasoning is one of my favorite things to buy at Costco.

Even when my bags are full, I can always find room for a container of this seasoning.

I like to freeze smaller portions of Kirkland Signature ground beef.

Packages of Kirkland Signature beef on display at Costco.
I find the Kirkland Signature ground beef to be a great price.Michelle Maves

Ground beef at Costco typically costs less than it would at my local grocery store.

It's easy to divide the beef into portions and freeze what I don't use immediately.

This is another one of my heavier purchases, so I try not to buy ground beef on the same day as milk.

I visit Costco to purchase my next pair of running shoes.

A pair of black and white Puma sneakers on a red box.
I can usually find brands such as Puma and Adidas at Costco.Michelle Maves

Because I jog almost every day, I put a lot of miles on my shoes.

When I need a new pair, I can usually find trendy and affordable brands such as Puma and Adidas at Costco.

My newest pair of black Pumas cost only $35 at my local Costco and will take me on many trips around the neighborhood.

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