Jogger Hit, Man Poops In Yard, Break-Ins: Newton Police Logs

Jenna Fisher

NEWTON, MA — Police respond to dozens of calls each day. Here are a few of the types of calls they responded to between April 21 and April 26, including a number of reported break-ins, a report of a man who used someone's yard as a toilet and then drew attention for other reasons in the neighborhood and a report of a strange incident with a car tire. It should be noted that just because a call came in reporting an incident doesn't mean that's the way it happened.

Tuesday, April 21
Bike stolen: Someone called the police station to report their bike, a dark blue electric bicycle with a bell, front and rear lights, a mirror on the left side and a speedometer was stolen near 160 Boylston Street. The bike's owner told police she had left the bicycle attached to the rear bicycle rack of her car on April 18 and when she returned the next day it was gone.

Arrested, Disorderly Conduct: An officer arrested Jose Manuel Villaglongo, 53, of Newton on Walnut Street in front of a liquor store after he passed by and saw two men fighting and one walking in and out of traffic. Police charged Villaglongo with disorderly conduct. According to the report, a Villalongo had stopped to ask a man for a cigarette, but the other man asked him to get away because he was afraid of the coronavirus. The man told police Villalongo became agitated and started to yell. That's when the officer drove by and saw Villalongo was screaming, swearing, and charging at that man. When the officer called to him, the man started to charge him, "took a combative stance and unzipped his jacket as if preparing for a fight," as a crowd began to form to watch. Another officer arrived and helped handcuff Villalongo screamed, cursed, and tried to pull away from us. Police said Villalongo continued this in the cruiser "and shout obscenities which were audible from the street."

Friday, April 24
Arrested, Defecating on a Lawn: Someone called police to report a man wearing baggy clothing was defecating in their yard. Police checked the area for a man matching that description. While at the Newton Highlands MBTA a Forest Street resident came up to an officer to report she had just seen a man get into her car in her driveway. She described him as under 20,
with a "stalky build" and wearing a gray hoodie. As the woman was talking with the officer a
man wearing a gray hoodie walked past them and the woman said "that's the guy."

Two other people were following him closely. Those two turned out to be a Columbus Street resident and a Columbus Terrace resident who had followed the man after one found the man in his kitchen on Columbus Street. He had confronted the man, but he took off running. The other told police he'd watched the man looking into the window of his home.

Both decided followed the man to the Newton Highlands MBTA station.
Police arrested Antwain Rashawd Austin, 18, of Fitchburg and charged him with breaking and entering during the day, a felony, breaking and entering a car, also a felony, and disorderly conduct to wit defecating on a lawn.

Saturday, April 25
Breaking and Entering: responded to 200 block California St. for a report of a broken window of a car...found that his rear passenger side window was smashed. He went through the car and nothing was missing,

Arrested, B&E: Police arrested Clayton F. Barros, 20, of Brockton and charged him for breaking and entering in the night time for a felony and receiving stolen property worth more than $1,200, after a Webster Street resident called police to report a break in happening in the home of a friend who had recently passed away. The woman told police that on the surveillance cameras she could see a man with a flashlight in a home. The woman told police the man entered the home around 4 a.m. and left about 25 minutes later. When police arrived they found a Honda Accord parked in the driveway and the hood of the engine was still warm. The car was registered to Barros. As police were about to leave another officer radioed they'd found Barros in an alley, behind a tall fence with barbed wire with a lock and chain on Border Street, one street behind Webster. Police arrested him and recovered a box of jewelry.

Jogger Hit: Police arrested Jeremy Ohlson Peckham, 25, of Boston, on Commonwealth Ave in Newton and charged him with OUI liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehichle and driving the wrong way on a public way. Police were called to the Carriage Lane on Comm Ave for a crash involving a pedestrian. When they arrived they saw a blue Toyota Camry stopped facing the wrong way in the Carriage Lane. The pedestrian involved, told police he was jogging east on Comm Ave on the right side when he was hit him from behind by the Toyota. He said he fell on his hands and injured his right elbow and cracking his cell phone. Both refused medical treatment. The jogger told police he didn't think the driver should be driving. Police said Peckham was unsteady on his feet.

Sunday, April 26
Attempted Break in?: A Fredana Road resident called to report he thought someone tried to break into his home this past Thursday night. He told police he noticed a piece of metal wire stuck in a screen window that looked as if it was being used as a tool to tear it open, the window is located on the ground level of the home just left of the front door. The resident has a camera set up in that window and thinks the attempt happened on Thursday night as he could see what looks like a flashlight up close to the window, this happens twice that night, once at 8:45 p.m.
and again at 11:22.p.m

Car break in, left something behind: A Cypress Street resident called to report that overnight someone had rummaged through his car, which was left unlocked, and left a pair of wet pants on the front seat.

Windows out of place: A Beacon Street resident reported that around 1 p.m. he noticed two windows out of place on his garage. He checked his camera on his back porch and discovered video of a white man in his 30's with short hair wearing a black hooded sweatshirt was on his porch in the middle of the night. According to the report, in the video the man approaches the back door and appears to check to see if it is open. He appears out of breath, and is continuously looking around and seems to be trying to stay out of sight and hiding. He then walks off the porch in the general direction of the garage. Police said it didn't appear anything was taken from the garage, but noted there were reports of car breaks in the same general area as well as an abandoned bike found nearby in the back yard on Pleasant Street.

Tire Gone: A Washington Street resident reported a tire was taken off their car. When police got there they found the car on a jack with the front right tire missing. Nearby was the shredded remains and damaged rim of one full sized tire and a damaged spare "donut" tire.

Car Break In: Police responded to a report of a car break in on Beacon Street.

Break in: A Pleasant Street resident reported she and her husband went to bed around 10 p.m. and when they came down the next morning they found the kitchen rear sliding door was partially open, loose papers were scattered on the floor of the kitchen, a few of the kitchen cabinets were open and her cell phone was missing her cell phone. She told police she had left the door unlocked the night before. Shortly after the woman reported this to police a woman who lives at Bracebridge Road up the street from her found her phone in her car that was broken into that night.

This article originally appeared on the Newton Patch