John Cena Happy To Lose Bet To Padres Pitcher He Said Would Never Make Major Leagues

John Cena Happy To Lose Bet To Padres Pitcher He Said Would Never Make Major Leagues

WWE superstar John Cena is one dollar poorer Wednesday and he couldn’t be happier.

Last year, the wrestler and actor met Logan Allen, a minor league pitcher in the San Diego Padres system at a Tampa steakhouse, where the two became fast friends.

However, Cena also saw himself as a mentor to the young athlete and wanted to give him a challenge.

“It had seemed as if he had rarely faced failure so, I’m like, how can I create a situation, not to have Logan fail, but to face him with the concept of failure,” Cena explained in the video below. “I bet him a dollar that he wouldn’t make the major leagues.”

Cena was betting on the likelihood that most players drafted to play in the pros never make it to the top rung.

Cena also promised that if Allen did make it to the big leagues, he would personally come and make good on the bet right on the pitcher’s mound.

Allen said as soon as he learned he was going to be pitching in the big leagues, he texted the wrestler and said, “You owe me a dollar,” according to Sports Illustrated.

He added: “I think he’s sent me as many texts as my mom did, and that was awesome, he’s so supportive.”

True to his word, Cena attended Tuesday night’s game at Petco Park and watched Allen pitch seven scoreless innings against the Milwaukee Brewers for a 4-1 victory.

Allen was thrilled by the whole evening, which included him getting his first major league win and first major league hit.

“That was really awesome,” Allen said, according to CBS Sports. “I’m glad he could be here. He was wearing my jersey, that was really cool. Obviously John owes me a dollar, so I can’t wait to receive that.”

Cena officially paid off the bet before Wednesday afternoon’s game.

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