John Cena is Reportedly Taking Some Time Off From the WWE "For Personal Reasons"

Sources say that John Cena is planning on taking some time off from the WWE for personal reasons.

A recent report from the Wrestling Observer states that current WWE United States Champion John Cena is planning on taking some time off. While there is no concrete word on WHY, Dave Meltzer said on a recent radio show that Cena had been asking for time off since the summer.

As of right now, Cena is not booked on ANY WWE events after their Hell in a Cell event on Oct. 25, including missing a forthcoming 10-date European tour. We're talking, roughly, five to eight weeks off for the man who is without a doubt the most popular—and polarizing—superstar in the WWE today. Word is that Cena could be on the road after Christmas.

Meltzer said that Cena is not leaving for any injuries, and that his current girlfriend, former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella, is booked for the European tour, so one has to assume that they are not getting married.

One has to wonder WHAT the situation might be. Is Cena burnt out? That could be possible; even with the dueling chants of "Let's go Cena!"/"Cena sucks!", he's still selling the most merchandise, and works a rigorous schedule. It might be time for him to ride out the last few months of 2015—a time when the WWE can be in a holding pattern until Royal Rumble season kicks off anyway—and get himself rested as well as give the fans a break from seeing him week-in, week-out. As of right now, no official word has come from the WWE regarding the situation, and there are no real rumors on how this will play out on October's TV tapings leading up to his time off.

One thing that will definitely happen is Cena losing that United States title. Hell, he could lose it as early as Oct. 3 at Madison Square Garden, where the title is on the line against Seth Rollins in a steel cage. If not, any time before (or on) Hell in a Cell would do as well. Either way, with the recent Raw ratings hitting a serious low, Cena going away from television isn't going to help... unless they have a FIRE angle on the way.

We'll keep you posted with any updates on this developing story.

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