John Cleese 'reduced' to selling messages to fans online for £249

Actor John Cleese arriving at BBC Broadcasting House ahead of his appearance on The One Show in London. (Photo by Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images)
John Cleese is selling fan messages online. (Getty Images)

John Cleese has joked that a lack of work has seen him “reduced” to selling messages to fans online.

The 80-year-old star of Faulty Towers and Monty Python’s Flying Circus is selling clips on celebrity video website Cameo for a minimum of £249 each – but charges more to be polite.

He quips on the site: “I’m John Cleese, or I used to be before I died. And since my death I’ve recieved no offers of work at all so I have been reduced to doing these shout-outs.

“I can send messages to your loved ones. I can be sweet and loving and sympathetic if that’s what you really want, I charge more for that because it’s so f***ing boring.

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John Cleese is in lockdown with his daughter Camilla Cleese (Getty Images)
John Cleese is in lockdown with his daughter Camilla. (Getty Images)

“But better I can send threats or insults. And all you have to do is give me some money.”

The actor and comedian has received 50 reviews for his messages and example clips show him talking about being “in captivity” – a reference to self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cleese, who has been a Twitter user since 2007 and has over 5 million followers, joined Instagram at the beginning of April 2020, admitting he was feeling bored during lockdown.

Cleese lived in Los Angeles during the 1980s and 90s before returning to the UK, and spoke in 2018 of plans to relocate to the Caribbean island of Nevis.

He is currently in self isolation with his daughter Camilla, who lives in Los Angeles.

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Cleese recently offered fans the chance to buy a one-on-one video chat with him for $199 (£160) via US website Fanmio.

He said: "I trust I've ­given you a few laughs over the years and now I’d love to give you the chance to meet me and ask me ­questions – personally meet me on a one-on-one video meet-and-greet session.”