John Cronin, Long Island Entrepreneur With Down Syndrome, Unveils Unity Socks Design

John Cronin founded "John's Crazy Socks" with his father in 2016. Tuesday, John unveiled his new "Unity Socks" design, which he's sending to every member of Congress and President Joe Biden.

Video Transcript

- A Long Island entrepreneur is taking some new steps to help the country find some common ground. 25-year-old John Cronin, who has Down syndrome, founded John's Crazy Socks with his father back in 2016. Former President George H.W. Bush famously wore a pair at the funeral of his wife Barbara in 2018. Well, today, John unveiled his new design called Unity Socks, featuring the American flag. The Cronins say that they're sending a pair to every member of Congress and President Biden to urge unity instead of partisan politics.

MARK CRONIN: We want to bring America together. There's too much divisiveness. As you say, no more--

JOHN CRONIN: I said no more fighting, no more [INAUDIBLE] around.

MARK CRONIN: What's our mission?

JOHN CRONIN: Spreading happiness.

- The Unity Socks represented in bipartisan fashion-- the Cronins joined by Republican New York Congressman Andrew Garbarino and Democrat Tom Suozzi.

- Love that, entrepreneurship.

- Good design too, good energy.

- That's right. Mm-hmm.