John Fetterman’s lead against Dr Oz narrows in Pennsylvania

Democratic Pennsylvania Senate nominee John Fetterman greets supporters during a rally in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania (Getty Images)

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman’s lead against former television host and retired physician Mehmet Oz has narrowed, according to a new poll from New Insider Advantage and FOX 29 Philadelphia.

Mr Fetterman leads Dr Oz 45 per cent to 42 per cent, putting him well within the margin of error. Mr Fetterman leads with female voters, 49.1 to 33.8. But his lead with African American voters is surprisingly low for a Democratic nominee, with 62 per cent of African Americans supporting Mr Fetterman compared with 16 per cent supporting Dr Oz.

Dr Oz slightly leads Mr Fetterman among independent voters, 36.1 per cent to 35.1 per cent, which is within the margin of error, as well as with male voters 48.8 per cent to 40.1 per cent. But Mr Fetterman leads with white voters 44.5 per cent to 41.6 per cent.

But Dr Oz’s biggest trouble might be enthusiasm from his own party. Only 75.3 per cent of Republicans said they would vote for Dr Oz, whom former president Donald Trump endorsed ahead of the bruising May primary. By comparison, 80.4 per cent of Democratic voters said they would vote for Mr Fetterman.

The poll surveyed 550 likely voters between 23 September and 2 4 September.

Conversely, a new poll by Marist found that Mr Fetterman holds a more comfortable lead over Dr Oz, 51 per cent to 41 per cent.

The two have engaged in a vicious war of words throughout the campaign, with Mr Fetterman pillorying Dr Oz for living in neighbouring New Jersey as Dr Oz has criticised Mr Fetterman for avoiding debating him after Mr Fetterman suffered a stroke ahead of the primary.

Dr Oz has also attacked Mr Fetterman for being weak on crime, which Mr Trump also attacked Mr Fetterman on during a rally in Wilkes-Barre earlier this month.

The two will finally face off in a debate on 25 October.