John Fetterman on not pre-canvassing mail-in ballots: ‘They put in a Grubhub order for chaos; that’s what was delivered’

John Fetterman, lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, discusses the ‘chaos’ caused by not pre-canvassing mail-in ballots prior to the election.

Video Transcript

JON WARD: I did a lot of writing over the summer and spring about, you know, mail in voting about, you know, knocking down the president's lies about that. And then about July, August, I started to realize there was this thing with pre-canvassing in the three states that decided the last election. It was kind of mind-boggling. And so--

JOHN FETTERMAN: Exactly what it is. They want-- they, you know-- they put a Grubhub order in for chaos. And that's exactly what they got delivered, you know? All of this, all of this would have been avoided they just would have said, you know what? We're going to give you 48 hours or three days of pre-canvassing. And that's it.

And to be clear, pre-canvassing is just opening envelopes and flattening ballots, That's all it is, It's a strictly bureaucratic paperwork issue. It's not counting votes. It's not anything.