John Goodman Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss

‘Roseanne’ star John Goodman was pictured at the premiere of ‘Trumbo’ last night displaying a dramatically thinner figure.

The Hollywood legend, renowned as one of the most versatile actors of his generation, has been open about his battles with his weight in the past.

He said he was told in 2005 to lose weight weight by doctors, adding that it was harder than quitting smoking. He revealed to David Letterman that his weight was at one point 400 pounds.

Even in November 2014 (see below) Goodman was sporting a considerably fuller frame, but he’s obviously been working hard in the gym since then.

‘Trumbo’ is the story of Dalton Trumbo, the Oscar-winning writer of ‘Spartacus’ who lost his livelihood when he was accused of being a communist.

Bryan Cranston plays the lead role, with Goodman appearing alongside Helen Mirren, Diane Lane and Elle Fanning.

‘Trumbo’ is released in the UK on 5 February. Watch the trailer below.

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