John Legend's appearance on 'This Is Us' has fans swooning

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from the midseason premiere of 'This Is Us.'

It's a great day because This Is Us has returned. Not only were viewers looking forward to the midseason premiere because it brought the Pearson family back into our homes, but fans were also excited for the episode, because of a legendary cameo by John Legend.

When the singer's guest appearance was first teased in a preview for the episode, which aired during the Golden Globes, fans took notice and had a lot of questions. They, of course, went straight to the source – Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen. However, apparently even Teigen was surprised by her hubby's cameo.

On Tuesday's episode, we picked up where we left off with Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) looking for his wife, whom he thought he found in Lizzie, played by guest actress Sophia Bush. After revealing to Kevin that her favorite musician is "John Legend all the way," Kevin did the ultimate and put together a private concert for Lizzie at the famous Hollywood Bowl.

Not only did Legend have a guest appearance on the show, his new single, "Conversations in the Dark," which was released a few days prior to the episode, was also featured.

This Is Us fans were freaking out over John Legend as Kevin's surprise to his new love interest. Of course, they were even more freaked out over Lizzie's major plot twist – she's married.

Unfortunately for Kevin, Lizzie wasn't his soulmate, because she was already someone else's.

Lizzie revealed to Kevin that he was her celebrity "hall pass," and that her husband had encouraged her to "go for it."