John McAfee hooks up with South China Zombie Research Centre

Scott Thompson

John McAfee…Cyber security pioneer, crypto bull, 2020 US presidential candidate. And now we can add ‘zombie coin backer’ to that list as he takes on an advisory role with the brilliantly named South China Zombie Research Centre.

He will be helping the venture with the creation and promotion of its CZCOIN ($CZ). “I will be shilling them heavily. You have been warned. I want no flack. Thank you,” he tweeted today.

When asked why, if he is shilling a coin produced by people who believe zombies are real, he doesn’t shill anything for money, McAfee responded: “I only take jobs that fascinate me. A company that, in all seriousness, insists that zombies exist and can be taught to use cryptocurrency – well – I’m fascinated. Who wouldn’t be?”

It’s definitely, erm, interesting, we’ll give them that. We look forward to the next season of The Walking Dead, in which the zombies take a break from their usual activities (shambling around, eating people etc etc) and instead start bemoaning/celebrating (delete where applicable) the price of Bitcoin.

Last word to McAfee, because it’s his zombie infested world and we’re just living in it.

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