'A Masterpiece!' John Oliver Revels In His Favorite Moment Of The Mueller Report

Ed Mazza

John Oliver said President Donald Trump was saved from criminal charges by two things described in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report: incompetence and disobedience. 

But the “Last Week Tonight” host also paused on Sunday to appreciate the moment Trump learned that a special counsel had been appointed to investigate the 2016 election and his campaign.

This is the end of my presidency,” Trump declared, according to the report. “I’m fucked.”

Oliver said: 

‘Fucked.’ He said ‘I’m fucked.’ And while we obviously don’t know whether Trump will face any repercussions from this report, I’d just like to live for a little longer in the moment of him saying, ‘This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked.’

Then, Oliver used a little “artistic license” to set the scene, complete with fantasy images from inside the Oval Office.

“It is a masterpiece!” Oliver declared as he described the moment in glorious “Last Week Tonight” detail: 

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