John Potter's hot start keeps cooking with his first career 300 at Dixie Bowl

John Potter rolled his first 300 game in the Industrial League at Dixie Bowl last week, part of a standout 744 series that included 28 strikes.
John Potter rolled his first 300 game in the Industrial League at Dixie Bowl last week, part of a standout 744 series that included 28 strikes.
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It's possible John Potter's prolific scoring during the first two months of the 2022-23 season will cool off at some point. But it hasn't happened yet.

And it sure as heck didn't over the last 12 games in his Monday Industrial League play at Dixie Bowl when he averaged 227 and raised his average to 217.

And his latest scoring explosion, a standout 744 series also points to a continuation of an impressive scoring run as does the fact he finished last season with a composite 212 average over 157 games.

Meanwhile, along with all the impressive scoring stats, the biggest newsworthy part of his 744 however is the fact he tattooed the 1-3 pocket with 12 straight strikes for an electrifying 300 game. And he bookended his perfecto with games of 234 and 210 to finish a memorable night with 28 total strikes out of a possible 36.

Now it's understandable since he's only in his second full season of bowling in St. George and hasn't been featured here before that only bowlers who bowl in his leagues and have seen his virtually flawless mechanics throwing bowling ball are aware of his undeniable bowling skills.

However, once this baby goes online and the print edition of The Spectrum & Daily News hits the streets, his cell will be bombarded with calls from team captains looking to get him on a team for next season.

His resume includes a career-high 776 series, a personal-best 220 average, a career-high 300 game, and he once threw 18 straight strikes spanning two games.

So, given all his stats, and while he may have a rare off night, it's a slam dunk his scoring run will be not slowing down.

Away from bowling, he's an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, UCLA football, basketball, softball, and he's also been a high school volleyball referee, baseball umpire, and college volleyball line judge.

In high school he played golf and was in both the marching and jazz bands. And in college at UCLA he was a member of the marching band when they performed during football games at the Rose Bowl and also at the iconic L.A. Memorial Coliseum when his Bruins played the USC Trojans. Wow!

Potter was the radio voice for Dixie State Athletics from 2009-15, and his bucket list includes traveling the world and becoming a broadcaster for the L.A. Dodgers.

In other sizzling action, Tor Lowry (751-264) led all scoring, Kyle Clark (700-258) is overdue for his 4th 300, and Ron Floreani (690-254) is looking more like the bowler he was before shoulder replacement surgery.

David Schmucker (670-251) was stoked after his outstanding performance, Mo Davis (667) engineered a brilliant turnaround after a so-so 149 opening game and then rocketed to games of 264 and 248, and Bill Stauffer's (665-236) scoring output was one of his best this season.

Matt Hill (659-246) fired 20 strikes in a first-rate outing, Mark Cruz (617-215) has been on a roll lately, and Jeff Anderson (608-258) who shot a trio of 300s in the 2013-14 season came up with a nice effort.

In single game play, Lew Agius (734) threw a monster 296, Jayden Davis (592) who has the potential to become a seriously outstanding bowler rolled nine strikes in a season-high 265 gem and narrowly missed his first 600.

Troy Olaveson, David Guckenburg, Joel Stout, Sam Wells and Sampson Miller booked games of  234, 233, 225, 211 and 200, respectively.

In women's action, Diana Stauffer enjoyed an outstanding week as she averaged 206 over six games between her Mixed Nuts (627-213) and Wednesday Invitational (612-222) leagues, and Hailey Bundy (580-220) continued a blistering score place.

Meanwhile, Susan Hill's (572) strong outing included clean games of 212 and 195, while her only three opens were on single pin leaves in a 169, and Brooke Bowden (544-211) captured her first ink for generating some good pin action.

Nina Gibson (541-201, Donna Jo Judson (521-214) and Sheila Green (506) collectively KO'd, 1,568 pins.

Ashley Thomas (572) led single game scoring, Ann Rasmusen (582) logged a 214 as well as a Dutch 200, Margie O'Neill (549) smacked a 213, Tina Cruz fired a 209 and Kathy Edwards (520) posted a 203.

Oh, bay-bee!

John Vasquez received a 200 Game Award for a 204 ... Joel Redfearn received a 250 Game Award for a 256 ... Marilyn Bramlet spared the 3-7-10 split ... Warren Brooks converted the 2-7-8 split.

Senior scores

Lew Agius 734-296; Manny Hartmann 652-258; Dennis Craft 638-236; Jeff Edwards 605-234; Tony Zaccheus 236; Frank Hayes 217; Tom Schwab 216; Dave Anderson 215; Jeff Anderson 214; Tony Van Gestel 213; Doyle Mouser 212; Rob Colley 211; Stan Rasmussen 209; Bob Lehnen 204; Dave Conklin 204; Barry Sustin 202; Barry Sustin 202; Ken Schloman 202; Phil San Antonio 202; Rick Dippre 202; Adam Sedgwick; Ann Rasmusen 542; Pat Verchota 535; Sheri Swigart 528-234; Pat McCabe 521-214; Dianna Swart 512; Martha Heuer 509-202; Margie O'Neill 502-234; Chris Sanzone 501; Bev Keeley 500; SPLITS: Kris Brown spared 6-7-10; Carole Ketterer 6-7; Connie Bess 5-8-10 & 4-5-7.

High scores

Brendan Thomas 744-278; Joseph Graham 690-254; Blaine Hartley 683-259; Robert Dickey 683-246; Tyler Thomas 678-237; Jared Bundy 669-249; Rick Lesko 661-236; Jay Ankeny 659-264; Alfred Oliveira V 654-221; Mike Hallenbeck 651-257; Tony Zaccheus 651-243; Dalton Smith 649-266; Kaiden Klingonsmith 649-236; Michael Garcia 646-235;

Chris Ray 643-226; Bob Lehnen 642-217; Jeremy Turlington 639-224; Jorge Grajeda 637-225; Al Oliveira IV 634-267; Jeremy Telford 632-237; Scott Ferreira 632-235; Ken Schloman 630-242; Jake Heaton 629-236; Bruce Breager 627-251; Chase Evans 627-236; Shawn Wonder 627-222; Wil Mariluch 626-226; Jacob Bouck 625-246; Jim Bedford 623-255; Cory Choate 619-245; Jeff Edwards 607-223; Nick Mace 606-237; Devin Werner 604-236; Scott Bowden 603-227; Todd Thomas 603-213; Max Stayrook 601; Joel Redfearn 256; Tyler Mickelson 255; Kevin Kidman 248; Larry Rumple 247; Chuck Irvine 232; Jackie Syddall 229; Fred Foerstr 221; Johyn Kuhns221; Larry Wells 220; Doug Bowers 216; Ben Stang 214; Randy James 214; Stan Rasmussen 214; Vince Howard 214; Jim Mathews 213; Phil San Antonio 213; Doyle Mouser 212; Nathan Yowell 212; Sam Wells 211; duane Sullivan 210; Jacob Martinez 210; Keith Reynolds 210; Shane Wilson 210; Irie Jeremiah 208 Matt Polatis 208; Matt Polatis 208; LLoa Otuafi 207; Bruce Arnold 207; Mike Foote 206; Eric Gold 205; Zac Miller 205; Brent Pollack 204; Derek Wallace 204; John Vasquez 204; Patrick Webster 203; Scott Blue 202; Randall Wilson 202; Herb Ridge 201; James Henderson 201; Jim Bice 201; Josh Dippre 200; Scott Brosier 200; Wes Wells 200; Sherri Snarr 565-196; Lisa Moss 553-203; Anne Brosier 552-222; Debbie Lehnen 538; PJ Redhouse 523-211; Indianna Polatis-Nay 520; Dawn Thomas 512-200; Sharon Reading 501.

Willie Theis covers league bowling in St. George for The Spectrum & Daily News.

This article originally appeared on St. George Spectrum & Daily News: John Potter's hot start continues with first career 300 at Dixie Bowl