John Stamos has had enough of the 'Full House' theme song in promo for 'That's My Jam'

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John Stamos might be a little sick of the iconic "Full House" jingle playing everywhere he goes.

During a promo for Stamos' March 28 appearance on Jimmy Fallon's "That's My Jam" game show, a boombox plays the '90s sitcom's theme song "Everywhere You Look" to introduce the episode's guests.

In the style of the "Full House" title sequence, the video shows Quinta Brunson holding a jar of jam, a laughing Craig Robinson, Jimmy Fallon messing with an old tape and Taraji P. Henson performing onstage.

At the end of the video, John Stamos then walks up to the beatbox, seemingly annoyed by the song choice, and shuts off the music before giving the camera a dirty look.

John Stamos (Twitter)
John Stamos (Twitter)

But after walking out, he runs back to give the camera a little point and wink.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Twitter account shared the promo video, adding the caption, “Never gets old, right @Johnstamos?” with a crying laughing emoji.

But Jimmy Fallon isn't the only person giving Stamos a hard time about the song.

Josh Peck also posted a video with the actor March 26 of the duo driving in San Francisco, California, where the show takes place.

In the clip, Peck sings the tune's opening line, "What ever happened to predictability?" But the 59-year-old interrupts him immediately, saying, "Shut up. Shut the f--- up."

"We were driving through San Francisco and I couldn’t help myself," the "Drake and Josh" star captioned the video.

Fans couldn't get enough of the interaction in the comment section, with several finishing the song's line with, "The milk man, the paperboy, evening TV."

Another commented, "Just casually hanging out with John Stamos."

A GRAMMY Salute To The Beach Boys (Amy Sussman / Getty Images for The Recording A)
A GRAMMY Salute To The Beach Boys (Amy Sussman / Getty Images for The Recording A)

This upcoming fall, Stamos is set to release a memoir that is expected to touch on his career, personal life and losing his "Full House" co-star and best friend, Bob Saget. Saget died last January at age 65.

"Everyone has a book in them," Stamos wrote on Instagram about the memoir. "'If You Would Have Told Me’ is mine. I honestly didn’t think I had much to share, certainly not enough to fill a book. But, losing one of my best friends, becoming a father, taking a look back at the ups and downs, highs and lows…maybe there is something in my story that people can connect to. There will be laughs, tears, and some fun filler, just like life."

He noted that the book will be released Oct. 24.

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