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John Travolta’s Daughter Ella Cast in Reimagined ‘Alice in Wonderland’

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ET is breaking down the latest Hollywood casting news and looking back at John Travolta's onscreen jobs with his daughter, Ella.

Video Transcript

KEVIN FRAZIER: Big Hollywood casting news to talk about. John Travolta's 20-year-old daughter Ella's got a new gig and it kicks off tonight. ET Roll Call.

Ella's first starring role is a modern day re-imagining of "Alice in Wonderland". She'll be backpacking through Europe to fulfill her mother's last wish in "Get Lost". Most recently, we saw Ella with her dad in a Super Bowl commercial.

ELLA TRAVOLTA: Dad, it's the red one.


ELLA TRAVOLTA: The other red one.


- (SINGING) Feeling good--

KEVIN FRAZIER: She also starred opposite John in 2019's "The Poison Rose".

- You're one-- one beautiful girl.

KEVIN FRAZIER: But we were on set with Ella for her very first acting job, John's 2009 movie "Old Dogs". Ella was just seven years old and hanging out with dad and mom, the late Kelly Preston.

- Tell me, what's your favorite thing about acting?

JOHN TRAVOLTA: Um, kind of everything.

JOHN TRAVOLTA: You like rehearsing?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

JOHN TRAVOLTA: And dialogue. I think Ella loves dialogue.

- Dad likes the lines.

KEVIN FRAZIER: And what do we like? How about Rege-Jean Page, Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling all starring in the most expensive project ever in Netflix's history.

REGE-JEAN PAGE: Great to kind of have a jaw dropping moment.

KEVIN FRAZIER: The "Bridgerton" star joins Chris and Ryan in the over $200 million CIA espionage thriller, "The Gray Man". It's the first film in a new James Bond like franchise and is helmed by Chris's Avengers directors, the Russo brothers.

ANTHONY RUSSO: Certainly with "The Gray Man" we're going to be exploring a genre, the spy genre. And we're doing it with some actors that we incredibly admire.

KEVIN FRAZIER: And finally, Tom Hanks is bringing "Pinocchio" to life.

- I'm a real boy.

KEVIN FRAZIER: Tom's set to play Geppetto and Disney+'s live action version of the classic tale. Joseph Gordon Levitt takes on the role of Jiminy Cricket and Cynthia Erivo is the blue fairy in the family film that starts production this month.