Johnson cautious as UK edges closer to easing lockdown

Johnson unveiled a four stage plan to gradually ease lockdown on Monday (February 22), with the first part coming into effect on March 8 as children return to schools around the country.

During a visit to a school in northwest England, the 56-year-old was also coy on developments in Scotland, where First Minister Nicola Sturgeon faces accusations of breaching the ministerial code.

Video Transcript

BORIS JOHNSON: We're sticking to our plan. Obviously, we'll continue to look at data. But the data, currently, still shows, as you know, that the incidence of the disease sadly remains high. I'm afraid the numbers of people in hospital are still not far below the peak that they were in April last year. So we think that the roadmap that we've set out is a good and a balanced one for us to get on a journey that is cautious, but as I say, irreversible as well.

I'm, indeed, working across the whole of the UK right now to fight the pandemic. That's what, I think, everybody wants us to do. And that's what I think all politicians should be focused on. That should be our number one priority. And for what it is worth, since you asked me to comment on these issues, I don't see the sense in having a referendum on the Constitution of the UK whilst we're trying to defeat coronavirus and build back better.