Johnson County school has bathroom doors and toilet seats stolen, following TikTok trend

Officials with Olathe North High School said Tuesday that doors have been taken off of bathroom stalls, toilet seats ripped from stools, and soap and toilet paper dispensers stolen, damage they attribute to a TikTok trend.

“Due to the amount of vandalism, we have shut down several of our restrooms to repair,” Principal Jason Herman said in a message to families.

A new trend on the video sharing platform involves high school students filming themselves getting away with a “lick,” which usually involves vandalism or theft, often at school. Across the country, videos show teens going as far as taking drills to school and ripping out toilets, sinks and lockers. They have garnered millions of views.

Rebecca Grubaugh, spokeswoman for the Olathe district, said that “we have seen a few incidents of this TikTok trend occurring in some of our buildings.” She said that damage reported has been “minimal in nature.”

In Herman’s message to Olathe North families, he urges parents to “have a conversation with your student about not committing any criminal acts of vandalism to their school.”

“This becomes an issue with the size of our building. Obviously we do not have cameras in the restrooms, however we do have them right outside in the hallways,” he wrote. “Additionally, we are often anonymously emailed things like this when they occur as they show up on social media — such as TikTok. Once it is put out publicly on TikTok, it will likely be sent to us.”

Herman said that students who vandalize or steal from the school will be held responsible “according to the student code of conduct as well as turned over to the (school resource officer) on the criminal side.”

“They see this as a joke. I do not. Our custodians work too hard every single day to put up with this nonsense.”

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