Johnson & Johnson official on vaccine distribution

Johnson & Johnson has started shipping out nearly 4 million doses of its newly authorized, one-shot COVID-19 vaccine. The shipments, which began Sunday night, will be sent to states for use starting Tuesday. (March 1)

Video Transcript

DR PAUL STOFFELS: This morning, four million vaccines were put up for distribution. They are going to the different states. In the course of the month of March, we'll bring another-- we'll bring up to 20 million. So that will mean 20 million people will be get vaccinated, then fully vaccinated. And before the end of June, we'll have up to 100 million. We are gearing up in Europe as well.

And so as we near that time, we'll be able to give more information. But we have 200 million vaccines which we'll deliver in the course of 2021. We deliberately chose for a single dose. It's easy to use. It has simple refrigeration temperature. It can be distributed on a very large scale. And while the full manufacturing activities are ongoing, we can bring it to the entire world and limit and stop the pandemic on a global basis.

We are working on a new variant vaccine, where we bring that-- it's already working on in the lab. And we are starting to upscale that. If it would be needed to switch, we will be able, in a reasonable time, to do that. If there are variants, we can have a risk that the next wave will be much more difficult to protect and to treat. And that's where my closing thought here is, get vaccinated as soon as possible, continue to distance, wear masks as we go through this. And hopefully, by the summer, we'll be in a much better situation and have a nice summer for everyone.