Johnson & Johnson plans 100M one-dose COVID vaccines before June

With FDA authorization, Johnson & Johnson expects to deliver up to 8 million weekly doses of their COVID-19 vaccine.

Video Transcript

- And on Johnson & Johnson, the company is working closely with the FDA to resolve any manufacturing issues at the immersion facility in Baltimore. And to secure FDA authorization, Johnson & Johnson is installing a new senior leadership team to oversee all aspects of production and manufacturing at the facility. And Johnson & Johnson will have full responsibility for the operation and will leverage the expertise of Merck as well.

Johnson & Johnson expects a relatively low level of weekly dose delivery until the company secures FDA authorization. With FDA authorization, the company also expects a cadence of up to eight million weekly doses in total across state and federal channels later in April. Importantly, Johnson & Johnson has also reiterated its commitment to provide at or near 100 million vaccine doses by the end of May.