Johnstown Magazine takes top prize in company contest

Mar. 3—JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Johnstown Magazine has been recognized by the publications' parent company in its 2022 "Best of CNHI" journalism awards.

The publication was named CNHI's Division I Magazine of the Year.

"Johnstown Magazine is experiencing a beautiful transformation; 2022 was an exciting year full of change and renewed energy and optimism," said Shane Riggs, managing editor of Johnstown Magazine. "Johnstown Magazine will continue to make positive and creative changes moving forward. It's a new and exciting time to be involved with this publication."

Johnstown Magazine last won the award in 2007.

The award recognizes the work of Riggs; former Editor Arlene Johns; designer Vaughn Burnheimer; former designer Caroline Feightner; photographer Thomas Slusser; advertising director Mary Anne Rizzo and the sales team; audience development director Sue Sheehan and the distribution team; plus many story and photo contributors.

"Winning Magazine of the Year this year in particular is a great retirement gift for Arlene Johns — half of 2022 was under her direction — and it's also a nice validation that Johnstown Magazine is a doing a good job as we progress," Riggs said. "I'm excited that in my first year as managing editor of Johnstown Magazine, the entire team at the magazine has won this honor."

Judges said it is difficult to imagine a magazine doing a better job of capturing the feel of its community, reflecting a sense of its residents and putting it all on display in a beautiful presentation.

"I'm thrilled for Shane and for everyone who had a hand in putting together this excellent magazine throughout 2022," Publisher Chip Minemyer said. "The list is long and includes people who are with us now and some who have moved on to other pursuits."

He said it's gratifying to have the company recognize the quality of the publication.

"The staff here put their hearts and souls into every edition," Minemyer said. "We're pleased to be able to deliver such an appealing product to our subscribers and the community every month."

Riggs is also the editor of Allegany Magazine of Cumberland, Md., which was named CNHI's best magazine for 2020 and 2021.

The March issue of Johnstown Magazine is now available.

The edition focuses on what it looks like to be "fit" in the Johnstown region.

Features include "The Fit 50," which is comprised of people who represent health, fitness and wellness, and an overview of the history of Johnstown area hospitals and health centers.

The edition includes a feature on noticing and treating "medial burnout" among professionals, offers tips on healthy foods, explores the lasting legacy of the area's oldest independently owned pharmacy and explores the correlation between laughter and physical well-being.

There also is an interview with Carlos Reyes, 80, an evangelist and author of "The Warlord."

The magazine is a sister publication of The Tribune-Democrat and is available monthly by direct subscription. Single copies also are sold in retail partner stores.

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