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Join CBS3 For Our 15th Annual Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope Telethon

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The telethon raises money for childhood cancer research and for the families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Video Transcript


JIM DONOVAN: Welcome back, everyone. Today is our 15th annual Alex Scott, A Stand for Hope Telethon, raising money for childhood cancer research and for the families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

JANELLE BURRELL: And it was Alex Scott's dream, and now it is our responsibility to help make that dream come true. So let's tell you all about Alex, her dream, and her legacy. Here's Ukee Washington.

LIZ SCOTT: She was four, and she was really sick herself.

UKEE WASHINGTON: A little girl with a big mission to find cures for all types of childhood cancer.

JAY SCOTT: It was started by Alex in our front yard with a lemonade stand, but she really has made it about everybody. Everybody donates $1, or $2, or $5. And when we add up all those small donations, it makes a huge difference.

UKEE WASHINGTON: And they have. Since the beginning of her lemonade stand, ALSF has funded more than 1,000 cutting-edge research projects at nearly 150 institutions in the United States and Canada. And the emotional and financial support for families is off the charts as it should be.

LIZ SCOTT: What people should know is that cures can't wait. It doesn't matter if there's a pandemic or we can't have events in person. Kids, every single day, are getting diagnosed with cancer who need our help.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Like many organizations when the pandemic began, the foundation had to pivot. Whether it be the strict following of mandated protocols or working remotely, it was all about learning how to work and finding new ways to get the job at hand done.

LIZ SCOTT: We had a real concern for the families, whose children were in treatment. And we decided we could provide grocery support to families who were affected by the pandemic, and their children were getting treatment. And I thought maybe we would get a couple hundred families who needed support, and now we're up over 2,000 families that we've been able to help.

JAY SCOTT: It also gave us a chance to sort of double down and figure out where we wanted to focus because a lot of labs were closed for part of last year. And so while they were closed, we really go deep into things we're funding and tried to figure out what do we want to fund more of going forward.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Moving ahead and only looking back to see the great strides that have been made, thanks to so many of your donations, financial support that has allowed ALSF to also go to the next level.

JAY SCOTT: And we decided we really want to focus on really hard-to-treat cancers and really try to move the needle on these cancer because there's still some childhood cancers that have very low survival rates.

LIZ SCOTT: It's hard to describe as a parent what it feels like to have a child with cancer, and it's even harder to describe what it feels like as a parent to have a child with cancer and find that the treatment is not working.

UKEE WASHINGTON: But with your help, those conversations will become a lot easier, and treatment success rates will continue to rise. Won't we call?

LIZ SCOTT: The ultimate goal is we're going to finish what Alex started with all these people coming together and donating what we can and close up her lemonade stand and know that we've literally cured every child with cancer.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Wow. I wonder how Alex would feel about that. Yeah. That's what I thought. Please call.

JIM DONOVAN: That's right, Ukee. Phones are open right now. You can call 1-866-333-1213 or go online to cbsphilly.com/alexs. If you prefer to text your donations, simply text CBSAlex, one word, to 44321. Also, you can also scan that QR code that you see right now on your TV screen. It will take you right to a donation page.

JANELLE BURRELL: Every little bit--