Joint Funeral Scheduled For 2 Pembroke Hockey Players Scheduled For Saturday

William Hickey and Joseph Birolini were both 23 years old.

Video Transcript

- Two hockey players from Pembroke will be laid to rest later this morning. 23-year-olds Bill Hickey and Joey Birolini were killed in a car crash one week ago. A joint funeral is being held later this morning at St. Thecla's Church. Before the service, local hockey players plan to line the street between the funeral home and the church with sticks in hand to say goodbye to their teammates.

MIKE FAHIE, JR: We've known each other since we were probably five years old. They were natural-born leaders, you know. Billy, super goofy. He taught us not to take life too seriously. Joey was one of the smartest guys I've ever met.

- Because of COVID restrictions, the funeral will be live streamed on the church's YouTube channel.