Joke about Patrick Mahomes at NFL Honors left Chiefs’ Travis Kelce shaking his head

Screen grab of Nati_Sports Twitter video

Three years ago, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was toasted at the NFL Honors after winning the league MVP award.

On Thursday, Mahomes was roasted at the program by host Keegan-Michael Key.

A photo of Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow’s attire ahead of the AFC Championship Game was shown. Burrow was paying tribute to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Key said it had an effect on Mahomes.

“This outfit is so mind blowing, Patrick Mahomes saw a picture of this outfit at halftime and forgot how to play football,” Key joked.

There was a mixture of groans and laughs, and the camera went to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who sort of grimaced and didn’t even show a sign of a smile.

“Forgive me, Travis,” Key said. “Travis is like, ‘Oh man, you were my friend’.”

The camera then showed Kelce shaking his head.

Kelce stopped on the red carpet before the show and talked with the NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt and Rachel Bonnetta. He was asked about how he chooses his game-day clothes and what he was wearing Thursday.

Bonnetta did a bit of her imitation of Kelce at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade speech and Brandt tried to dance like Kelce.

If you haven’t seen Bonnetta’s full imitation of Kelce, here it is.