Jon Stewart on How Obama Allowed Romney to Proceed into a Wall

Serena Dai

Jon Stewart reviewed Tuesday's debate last night on The Daily Show, and with Libya attack, the one spot Mitt Romney could've had "an ace in the hole," Romney flubbed and ended up looking like Wile E. the Coyote the Coyote to Barack Obama's roadrunner.

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Romney asked why the U.S. didn't know it was a terrorist attack. Obama responded by saying he told the American people the day after the attack that it was an act of terrorism, which was good and forceful "but still does not fully explain the colossal confusion-fueled f**k-ups that were Benghazi." Romney still had a chance...that is, "as long as Romney doesn't inexplicably walk into some weird, nitpicky semantic trap that hadn't even really been set."

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Romney seemed to doubt that Obama said it was an act of terror at all. Obama's response? Please proceed, Governor. "There's your first clue," Stewart said. "When you're feel you're about to spring what you, Governor Romney, think is the checkmate moment of the debate, and your debate opponent says to you, 'Please, proceed,' 'Hold on, are you trying to open that door? Let me open it wider. The door you appear to want to walk through.

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"You might want wonder if, a la Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, that door your opponent your door is pointing to is merely paint on a rock." And indeed, Romney got fact-checked: Moderator Candy Crowley confirmed that Obama said it was an act of terror.

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